Quarto revealjs presentations


Add the extension by running the following code in the terminal

quarto install extension EmilHvitfeldt/quarto-roughnotation

Then add it as a filter in the yaml like so

title: "RoughNotation"
subtitle: "Quarto revealjs presentations"
format: revealjs
  - roughnotation

Basic usage

Press R to activate notation animations

Highlighting is denoted by adding the .rn class to a div or span using the [text]{.rn} format, so the following markdown is used to create the next line

I will be [highlighted]{.rn}, and so will [these words right here]{.rn}

I will be highlighted, and so will these words right here


There are many types of options we can use (Press R to show)

  • type
  • animate
  • animationDuration
  • color
  • strokeWidth
  • multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline multiline
  • iterations
  • rtl


(Press R to show)

The options are applied by adding arguments like so {.rn rn-color=orange rn-type=circle}

So to add a orange circle or turn off animations by adding rn-animate=false

Note that the arguments are all prefixed with rn-, are not comma-separated, logical values are written as true or false and that strings do not have to be in quotes

Options - types

(Press R to show)







Many types to choose from!

Hyphenated options can be used like so rn-type=strike-through

Options - Multiline

(Press R to show)

The options rn-multiline=true can be added to make a highligher work across multiple lines.

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All about Time

(Press R to show)

Unless otherwise specified, all annotations will occur at the same time. Set the rn-index to specify order

No rn-index

rn-index set to 1

rn-index set to 2

rn-index set to 3

rn-index set to 4

Fenced divs

You can also use fenced divs if you want to apply the changes to larger sections of of the slide

::: {.rn rn-type=box rn-color=red}
Here is some text

And there is more here

Here is some text

And there is more here

Known issues

doesn’t showcase correctly in RStudio IDE

Sometimes you need to adjust the zoom in your browser to get right results