A list of all the discrete palettes of fixed lengths included in this package. Structured as a list of lists with the first level being each package and the second level being the palettes available in that package.



A list of 55 lists.


Contains palettes from the following packages: awtools, basetheme, beyonce, calecopal, colorBlindness, colorblindr, colRoz, dichromat, DresdenColor, dutchmasters, fishualize, futurevisions, ggpomological, ggprism, ggsci, ggthemes, ggthemr, ghibli, grDevices, IslamicArt, jcolors, khroma, LaCroixColoR, lisa, Manu, MapPalettes, miscpalettes, nationalparkcolors, nbapalettes, NineteenEightyR, nord, ochRe, palettesForR, palettetown, pals, PNWColors, Polychrome, rcartocolor, RColorBrewer, Redmonder, rockthemes, RSkittleBrewer, rtist, soilpalettes, suffrager, taylor, tidyquant, trekcolors, tvthemes, unikn, vapeplot, vapoRwave, werpals, wesanderson, yarrr.

data.frame of palette names can be found here palettes_d_names.